Love spells with Petals - Homemade


Spells of love with Petals


Love spells as we all know is one of the most asked for spell, we also know that love spells are of different kinds and are cast using different techniques and methods. Mostly sweet smelling incense sticks and incense granules are used along with lot of flowers and bright looking candles of different shapes and sizes. Here what we do not know that we can even cast a love spell of any kind using only petals. Today we would discuss about home madelove spells with petals and learn on how to cast them.


Petals of different flowers giving out different smells, aroma and different colors are very effective in casting love spells. It is also easy to cast a love spell with petals and takes a little practice only to master the same.


Below you will find love spells with petals and the ways to perform it to bring your ex-lover back to you forever and ever. You would need five red rose petals, five white tulip petals, five pink lotus petals, five yellow rose petals and five reddish or maroon petals of spider lily.


You would also need a bowl full of rose water and sandalwood paste. Do not forget to keep a picture of your ex and if you do not have a picture then on a red piece of paper write the name of your ex, make sure to write the full name along with his or her date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, father’s complete full name and mother’s complete full name.


Put the sandalwood paste in all the twenty five petals, cover all of them then put all the petals on the picture or on the piece of paper to cover it completely.


Submerge the completed set in a bowl of rose water and leave it, you will see that the sandalwood paste would start dissolving in the water and the picture or the name would also start dissolving in the water, when this is happening keep chanting the below words and stop when all the petals are free from the sandalwood paste, after this put a lid on the bowl and cover it, keep it near your bed for three days and then pour the complete setup in a river or canal or drain near your ex’s house. In three week to four week your ex would return back to you forever, but make sure when you are doing all the actions related to the spell, no one tracks you or see you performing the ritual.



“East West South North
All this directions come along
Wherever you go you will find me
I am within you and you within me
Come back if you lost your path
The flow of water will guide us like a dart.”


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