Tips on How to Remove a Curse or Hex


Learn about Hexes and Curses

Do you always get fired on your work or get dumped by the girls you have courted? You might think that it’s just you, that there is something wrong with your attitude that’s why you always get dumped or fired. But haven’t you thought that someone has cursed you?


Believe it or not, curse or hex is true. It really gets a toll on a person who is being hexed until he feels depressed and useless. And, the worst part is you wouldn’t know that you’ve been under a curse spell, unless someone will tell you that you have been cursed.


Good thing there are ways for you to remove those bad luck in your body. The ways are so simple that even you can do it. No need for you to chant any spell in order to remove the hex.



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How to Remove a Curse or Hex


There are two ways to remove the black magic spell , you can hire a witch who can undo the spell or you can make your own spell to remove its effect. People who have extra cash prefer the first option since they don’t need to undo the curse. They just need to visit the person who will lift up the curse and follow the sorceress’ instructions to remove the curse.


But if you don’t have a budget to hire an occultist, you can create a spell on your own. Below are the guidelines that you need to do in order to eliminate the curse in your system:


  • • You need to get a wax paper or any strong paper.
  • • Write down the things you know about the hex. You may write the name of the person who casted it on you, where the curse came from and when did it start. If you have no idea about the details, you may write the curses or hexes that have been put on you.
  • • Add three spoons of salt (any kind of salt will do) and put it into the paper. Fold the paper until it looks like a bundle and tie it with a string.
  • • Use it as a pendant and wear it for three days and nights.
  • • On the 4th day, open the bundle and wash the salt into the water. You can remove the salt into the river or ocean or scatter the salt when it’s raining or put it into the sink if you don’t have any access of running water.
  • • Once you remove the salt, you may now burn the string and the paper that you used.
  • • Get a lucky charm or a rose quartz pendant and wear it for nine days. It will help you heal the damage that the curse has caused into your defense system.
  • • You are now curse free!


Doing this spell is easy. You don’t need to become Harry Potter for you to lift up the curse on you. You just need to follow the steps that are mentioned above and believe in the power of this removal curse.



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