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Wicca can help you for a successful married life.



Wiccan spells are not only performed for love related problem but also for lot of other similar problems or at times just for the sake that the Wiccan spell helps to keep the problems away from entering someone’s life. On such reason of why Wicca was used a lot when it came to marriage ceremonies and blessing newly married couples, if we go back to the roots of time of when Wicca as a religion was flourishing we will find that the witches were invited at the wedding ceremonies to perform rituals and bless the couple so that their married life remains strong within themselves, so that never in their married life can anyone interfere and apart them from each other. Another reason for getting the newly wedded couples blessed by followers and practitioners of Wicca was to make sure about their fertility.



The general ritual that any Wicca spell caster would perform on such wedding days or nights were to offer the Goddess deity of fertility and then summon the energies to bless the couples for a good and prosperous married life and growth of children. It was even taken into consideration that the couples had to offer something which they like or love a lot to the deity to make her please and bless them. The ritual used to be performed in the presence of the couples and them taking active part in the same. After the ritual was completed, two amulets were prepared and a portion, the portion was to be immediately consumed by the couple then and there and the amulet to be worn by them the next morning. It was even suggested that the amulet should be present on both the couple’s bodies even when they indulge in creating passion with each other.


Today the system continues and now many who known about the existence of Wicca seek these kind of spell help for a successful married life. Some very learned Wicca practitioners have also made successful marriage spell for general, which one can cast by himself or herself, follow the steps below and cast it yourself for a successful married life.


You would require a red rose, a rosemary flower and a marigold flower; you would also require a jasmine scented candle, rose water and picture of your marriage day. Light up the jasmine scented candle and place the rose petals and other flower petals around it, then sprinkle the rose water on the picture and all the flower petals, then chant the below spell nine times, once done, take the candle and drip some wax on all the flower petals and also on the picture. Put the picture and all the flower petals under your bed and then sleep on the bed with your spouse and do not forget to make love each night, continue this for twelve full moon night and you would see that the bonding between you and your spouse will become very strong.


“Thy on us
Thy be it
Thy blow us
Up and down within us
We hold strong among thy
We are forever each other’s fie.”


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